A few friends and I will be going to the launch of Arundhati Roy's latest non-fic offering: Listening To Grasshoppers - Field Notes on Democracy tomorrow.

Till then, I have something for you to brood on.

Democracy is India's (official) political credo. Is this system a mistake?


  1. the system a mistk?? hhmmm..smthn 2 4 m 2 brood on.. :)

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  3. The system is a work in progress. It would be a mistake to think that the system is perfect and sit back complacently...

  4. kie..i agree..bt it raises a samll issue 4 debate.. :)

  5. Nice new theme. Visited your blog after a long time. How're things going there? Everything back on track after the strike?
    (No comments on the democracy thingy right now..to overloaded with work to think :()

  6. Hello, hello! Preemptive post. This was a pretty preemptive post, carried away with fear without any basis whatsoever. I didn't know what to do with it for so long! :) Introspection causes so much tumult, but sometimes, it does get you somewhere.

    Somewhere is not here anymore. I'm tinkering around with a new place, but I'm too selfish to let this place go entirely. What a tumble!


    Will hopefully get my wave back soon to write. Till then,