Initial thoughts on possessing a shaved head

1 The slightest breeze feels like waves of wind flowing over my head.
2 I still have to shampoo! Because dandruff doesn't go away with hair.
3 The kajal in my eyes and earrings seem to stand out more - maybe there is a facial proportion answer to this.
4 People, known or unknown, are franker with their reactions - they laugh or widen their eyes in a way that I cannot miss.
5 I have to rearrange the way I dance to hindi songs because I can't use my hair anymore.
6 It really does feel light up there.
7 Looking at my reflection in the mirror is an exercise in self-discomfort. It's sometimes hard to get used to the way my face has changed.
8 I don't feel nice when my roommate says, "you look like a boy!" And I wonder why.
9 There is a slight but significant shift in the way most men see me. It's as if I have become an object of curiosity instead an object of sexual overpowering, if only momentarily.
10 Women come and tell me how they have been wanting to do the same thing for a long time now. I know how that feels, because it took me three years.
11 I sometimes forget I don't have hair anymore, when I absently run my hand over my head.
12 It surprisingly doesn't annoy me when people stroke my head, but I can imagine it must be for others.
13 I suspect people ask women a lot more questions than they do men, when women choose to shave off their hair.
14 People ask a lot of questions.


  1. Gauri BurmaAugust 21, 2014

    I've been lurking on the precipice, not brave enough to let go.

  2. I know where you are. But don't worry: it'll grow back sooner or later. Till then, you can save money on haircuts. :)