2 - Bloopity

Bloopity is my middle name
No, my mother's not to blame.

It all began when I was born
I came out feeling rather forlorn.

I didn't cry, I didn't scream
In fact, I shone with neonatal sheen.

The nurses were also very nice
They all smelled of Edelweiss.

I remember in particular: Namaha
Her laugh was a roadside brouhaha.

Have I mentioned lusty Piu yet?
Her boots are made for walking, I'll bet.

I can't believe I missed Antoo
Super-starched and straight hair too.

Then there was Sharan, a total goon
She'd always hum some sinister tune.

Sonal was the sweet, nervous sort
Her nose in particular had me floored.

Lord, those days were so much fun
The paediatricians partied till the rising sun.

Bloopity is my middle name
But my nurses loved me all the same.


  1. Girls!

    This one is for you. As usually happens with poetry, this was completely unplanned. I think it's fairly terrible, but I'm sure I have more potential. After all, I do have a whole fortnight left to unpolish the poet in me.

    By the way, I am thoroughly unapologetic for dragging your names in the mud that is this poem.

    Three cheers to Godawful Poetry Fortnight!

  2. I have never been thrilled about being called a goon, but obviously, I feel differently here :P

    You can do worse, V :P

  3. Woohoo! Three cheers to that. :) I feel the same way, the rottenness is not coming.

  4. Bloopity was her middle name.

    That's one more in the list Bhaviniya :p

  5. Awesomeness! Thanks, Vini! :)

  6. Awesomeness! Thanks, Vini! :)

  7. Awesomeness! Thanks, Vini! :)

  8. Hahaha... I love it, Vini! What would i ever do without My Girls? :D

  9. Rohan, I have six days more. I think I should write one on me. :)

    Piu, thank you! thank you! thank you! :D

    Antoo, you remind me of that song by The Temptations, called My Girl. Check inbox! :) And thank you.